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Nizuc Cancún

Nizuc Luxury Hotel Cancún México

Live the Nizuc Cancún Luxury Experience!

A new concept of luxury lifestyle in México

NIZUC Resort & Spa invite you to live our luxury experience; Discover the new luxury hotel in Cancún located in the Mexican Caribbean.

This hotel development  is part of the prestigious Las Brisas Group. Their goal is to offer a high quality service and pleasant luxury to our guests.

NIZUC is a new concept introduced by group Las Brisas that implements the highest luxuries for the guests from a different perspective; offering brand new styles of rooms designed to provide the most comfortable rest in your vacation.

Nizuc cancun offers many activities that show perfectly the richness of our culture and tourism areas, as well as the beauty of the mexican seas.

The hotel also contains a great variety of high cuisine restaurants to please all palates, every restaurant has his own renowned Chef that will provide the best food to his customers.

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Nizuc Luxury Hotel Cancún

Ocean Suite

Garden Suite Double

Villa Nizuc

Fun is part of the experience


The endless exploration and fun are representative of Nizuc, also many acuatic activities are part of this unique experience, the snorkeling being a great part of them, that allows you to see the sea's beauty.

Also Nizuc surprises their guests with a mythic travel through the aweasome secrets of the Riviera Maya, for example: a hidden river with a great variety of minerals that give the cavern a beautiful view, a unique wonder of nature that you will have the oportunity to experience.