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Nizuc, sensory experiences with flavors of the Mexican Caribbean

Established in a paradise of white sand, in the exclusive area of Punta Nizuc, is Nizuc Resort & Spa, an incredible luxury destination in the Mexican Caribbean. In the beauty of its design the tranquility of nature is captured, and at the same time it connects us with the ancestral energy of the area. The fine sand, the turquoise blue sea, the gentle breeze and the impressive coral reef seem to be there just for our delight.

By Deby Beard

flavors of the mexican caribbean pier
flavors of the mexican caribbean pier © Foto Bleu&Blanc

There, gastronomy is art. Tempting flavors await us in the 6 restaurants of this place, which each offer authentic dishes: Ramona, the flagship restaurant, offers a contemporary interpretation of Mexican cuisine; Terra Nostra, Mediterranean food with homemade pasta and wood specialties; La Punta Grill & Lounge, a casual outdoor restaurant that serves succulent cuts of meat, fresh fish and seafood prepared on the grill; NI, tempting Peruvian flavors that include tiraditos and ceviches; Indochine, an exotic and glorious combination of several Asian recipes, and Café de La Playa, specializing in delicious breakfasts with Mexican Caribbean flavors.
The magnificent Indochine offers a walk through different regions of Asia with the help of its Chef Alicia Padilla, in a cozy atmosphere oriented to the water mirror and with the sea in the background. Exquisiteness and passion for culinary art mark the flavors and aromas of the complex Asian cuisine, achieved perfectly by the talented chef and his team.

flavors of the mexican caribbean restaurant
flavors of the mexican caribbean restaurant © Foto Bleu&Blanc

Chef Alicia was born in the state of Guanajuato, where she studied and graduated with honors in culinary arts and gastronomy. His professional career began with internships at Meliá Hotels and in various catering and event organization companies. Always ready for new challenges, she accepted an offer at Epcot Center in Orlando in Mexican restaurants and after a year she decided to join Disney Cruise Lines, the renowned theme park cruise. During these years he had the opportunity to apply his knowledge in different areas and types of cuisine. Being in a multicultural work environment, where each Chef contributed his personal touch, he has the opportunity to try the different cuisines of the world through travel.

flavors of the mexican caribbean beach
flavors of the mexican caribbean beach © Foto Bleu&Blanc

Increasingly, Chef Alicia is developing a great interest in Asian cuisine. Its exotic spices, ingredients and preparation become the subject of study and experimentation, of constant learning. In 2013, he joined Nizuc Resort & Spa during the hotel opening process and did so at the Indochine restaurant, where he was able to share with experienced chefs in traditional cuisine from Japan, China, Thailand and India.
Ramona Restaurant was conceived from the beginning as a place where the simple becomes extraordinary. The decoration of the place, which evokes a stone cloister with solid wood pieces as protagonists and a replica of the mural of the Agustino Convent of Malinalco, make it a simply cozy enclosure.

nizuc resort indochine
nizuc resort indochine © Foto Bleu&Blanc

Ramona keeps its cuisine inspired by authentic Mexico, with traditional recipes and fresh ingredients, but it also evolves and surprises. Dining in Ramona is an experience that brings pleasant surprises to the palate and the senses.
Chef Eduardo Torres turns a dinner into a sensory experience, recreating typical dishes of excellent Mexican cuisine with creative and unique touches, inspired by local ingredients, his mother’s cuisine and the country’s vibrant culture.
A contemporary interpretation of traditional Mexican cuisine served in spectacular surroundings, the magnificent Ramona restaurant explores the varied culinary tradition of Mexico and stimulates our palate with local products and spices enhancing the flavors of the Mexican Caribbean.
Written by: Revista Bleu&Blanc


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