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Nizuc Gastronomy


“La cocina es un lenguaje en el cual puede expresar armonía, creatividad, felicidad, belleza, poesía, complejidad, magia, humor, provocación, cultura” – Ferrán Adriá.

Gastronomy in Nizuc Cancún

Nizuc Cancún is proud of obtaining a perfect mixture between different gastronomies for the comfort of the customers, all 6 restaurants have their own professional chef internationally recognized to bring to you a traditional gourmet experience from each country, between this cultures we can find the mexican, asian, peruan and mediterranean.




You can find the national gastronomy in ramona, the traditional recipes of our country reinvented with a fresh concept absolutely show why our dishes are internatonally recognized

With the Mexican Chef José Meza at the helm, there is no doubt that you will travel through the different flavors of Mexican culture.








Indocine is a unique restaurant in it’s type, As your paladar can experience a travel through the most recondite corners of Asia, offering a great contemporary mixture of the Oriental Cultures made by the experts in the subject.

The Chef Alicia Patankar will be in charge of softening this trip with the characteristic flavor of our culture.




Terra Nostra

Try our Italian Heritage through handmade pastas and our oak-powered oven specialities.

The Italian Chef Daniele Tonin will make your selected origin ingredients be de best for your enjoyment.






The great variety of posibilities expand to aquatic horizons.

Try the most delicious seafood that go from high quality exotic importations to the fish of the day in Cancún.

With all this tools, the Chef Miguel Angel Flores will be in charge of the cooking of the fish.


La Punta Grill

The complete domain of the grill allows the personal to offer the most fine meats and fish with the best flavor and cooking.

the great variety of delightful dishes of this restaurant make it one of the most popular among the hosts which commanded by the great Mexican Chef Antonio Ramirez will keep the traditional flavor in each bite.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]